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Valhalla Tea was founded when one of its founders returned from serving for 10 years in the U.S. military and was faced with a list of health problems related to his time in the military. He had high blood pressure, anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD-related issues that were getting worse over time. In the end he wanted a healthier alternative to ending the evening instead of alcohol. Over time he discovered the many positive health benefits that drinking tea regularly could offer and decided to explore this new-found interest by teaming with fellow enthusiasts to start Valhalla Tea Co.

A company was formed, and an initial collection of flavors were crafted and put onto the shelves of a few local businesses around the Vancouver WA area. Over time, the reach of Valhalla Tea expanded and grew beyond Washington’s borders and can now be found for sale in retail shops across the country.

We provide a portion of every dollar earned to helping veterans by donating to a list of veteran-focused organizations and non-profits that help people suffering from PTSD and other ailments. We know just how much of an uphill battle it can be for our heroes returning from the military, and we hope that in some small way, we can help end the stigma around PTSD and other issues veterans face when ending their service in the military.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality tea product while helping veterans return to a more normal lifestyle when trying to adapt back into civilian life.

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