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Samantha Towner
Sample selection

Have always had great luck in ordering and receiving our orders quick. The sample selection was varied and delicious.

Brandon S.
Perfect amount!

Just enough to try and choose what I'd like in a skull! Def recommend before purchasing a large amount.

Zachariah Huffman

I purchased the sample to taste test Valhalla tea company's many flavors. I currently have 2 teas left to taste and so far not a single tea has disappointed me. A few have become my favorites such as black ceaser, thunder, and goddess of love. I've never been a big fan of black tea and even there elementary a strong black tea still has a amazing amount of flavor. I highly recommend this company.

lukas pena
The bag

The bag was very good feel good and tasted good I couldn’t wait to try the next one really helpful bag instructions and great price for what you get.


Great way to try all the flavors

Includes 1 Sample of Each Below Flavor:


    • All Father - All Father is the warrior’s tea for managing stress! It has a beautifully sweet aroma. Refreshingly citrusy on the front end with notes of sharp ginger and a punch of licorice on the back end.
    • Anahita - Whole-leaf green teas traditionally get a hint of floral magic with Jasmine pedals tucked among the leaves.
    • Apple Seed - Full of apples, sweet sugar, and hearty nuts. Appleseed is the embodiment of what a fruit tea should taste like. Feast your eyes and your taste buds on the chunks and slices of real apples this tea delivers.
    • Black Caesar - Ahoy, Matey! It’s time to walk the plank and dive into the most savory tea blend ever crafted. Our premium black tea be mixed with real chunks of sea salt & caramel cubes. This tea will have you challenging your taste buds against the reputation of one of the most feared pirates of the 18th century: Black Caesar.
    • Earth & Sky - This incredibly artful taste is further enhanced by a symbiotic sweetandfreshflavor combination. This delicious, non-caffeinated tea blend that blends pineapple, mango, and orange is a great alternative to sugary drinks.
    • Elementary - Elementary my dear Customer! We've curated several broken teas from Assam and Sumatra to build the foundation for an extremely yielding quality, strongly reminiscent of East Frisian blends. Elementary is a marvelous dark infusion with a malty finish, complimented with its rich spiciness. Elementary really shines when slightly sweetened with a dash of milk or cream.
    • Freyja - Goji berry, blueberry and pomegranate flavors play the lead rolls in our favorite green tea master piece. Withfun-filled bright red goji berries bedded on rich, green Sencha with just the right "spritz" added by the lemongrass, the "splash" underlined by royal blue cornflowers.
    • Goddess of Night - This infusion offers a delightful interplay of raspberry and lavender notes enhancing the natural flavors all mixed in with Valerian Root.
    • Goddess of War - Blending Lavender, Cinnamon, and creamy Vanilla, this black tea creates a unique composition with indescribable aromatic smells. This tea is sure to help de-stress.
    • Huckleberry - This unique combination of black tea and green tea is highly sought after. The delicious sweetness of papaya perfectly balances the slightly sour taste of the bright red, shiny rosehip peel and the distinct flavor of North American blueberries.
    • Loki - Oh, how we love the smell of a warm cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven. This tea is the exact embodiment of that same vanilla glazed goodness.
    • Lord of the Desert - With generous notes of peppermint, relaxing chamomile, and powerful green tea - this tea feels like slipping into a cool oasis after a long day’s toil in the Saharan Desert.
    • Santa Muerte - Embrace our upgraded Earl Grey tea with notes of tart raspberry, soothing lavender, and crisp rose. Each enticing sip will gradually ease your worries and leave you with a desire to know life with renewed vigor.
    • The Ballad - Enjoy a powerful punch of peachy perfection as it dances, intertwined with the creamy decadence and softness so often found with Oolong tea. Think Peach O-Rings but WWWAAAYYYY healthier!
    • The Monkey King - This custom concoction will have your taste buds believing they have died and ascended to Carnival food Valhalla. It showcases real thick chunks of Banana, Almonds, and Walnuts mixed with Cocoa and Green Tea.
    • The Protector - We take our special blend of real cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns, cloves then mix it with only the finest black tea on the market.
    • Uncle Sam - This bag of tea might sound cute and fuzzy but IT WANTS YOU to say that to its face. Nothing says America quite like red, white, and blue so Enjoy our Pearl Berry white tea with chunks of strawberry, apple, rose, and blueberry.
    • Zeus - Few can rival the dynamic duo of pomegranate and blueberry when it comes to delightful flavor combinations. These two fruits not only tantalize your taste buds with their fruity goodness but also offer a visual feast with their vibrant colors. Throw in some elderberries and mallow blossoms picked from the mountains of Epirus in Northwest Greece, and you’ll begin to have yourself a blend worthy of the gods.



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